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Linda Corets 

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Calling all photographers! There are a lot of events to start the school year so we would like to encourage early sign ups for yearbook classroom photographers.

Each class needs 1-2 photographers to take photos throughout the year for the yearbook. Capture fun moments in the classroom, at recess and special events.

Contributors are also welcome to submit photos of students, staff and teachers in everyday moments & participating in school activities during the school year.

Here are the descriptions for the two positions:

Yearbook Class Photographer

This person will be responsible for taking digital photos of students in your class and at classroom events throughout the year to be included in the Yearbook. Each child needs to be photographed twice. There are periodic deadlines through March to submit two sets of pictures to our online Yearbook website. The photographer will need their own digital camera and should be available to be in the classroom, at class parties if possible, or even on the playground to snap the photos. Lots of flexibility to do this on your own schedule. The Yearbook Chair (Linda Corets) will provide lots of support and a timeline. [This can be a team effort – 2 photographers working together.]

Photo Contributors

If you are unable to commit to being an “official” classroom photographer we would love to include you as a contributor – you are welcome to submit photos during the year of students, staff and teachers in everyday moments & participating in school activities (field trips, assemblies, special events, recess and more).

Contact Linda Corets, Yearbook Chair, at to sign up. Please include the name of your child’s teacher & grade. Specify if you would like to be a classroom photographer or contributor.



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