2017-18 PTA Calendar

8/1/2017 Tuesday 1:00-3:00 PM Kindergarten Playdate Medina Beach
8/14/2017 Monday 1:00-3:00 PM 1st Grade Playdate Medina Park
8/14/2017 Monday 5:00-7:00 PM Kindergarten Playdate Medina Park
8/15/2017 Tuesday 1:00-3:00 PM 2nd Grade Playdate Medina Park
8/16/2017 Wednesday 1:00-3:00 PM 3rd Grade Playdate Medina Park
8/17/2017 Thursday 1:00-3:00 PM 4th Grade Playdate Medina Park
8/18/2017 Friday 1:00-3:00 PM 5th Grade Playdate Medina Park
8/22/2017 Tuesday TBD Kindergarten Assessments Medina Elementary
8/29/2017 Tuesday 11:00-2:00 PM Back To School Day Medina Elementary
8/30/2017 Wednesday 1:00-3:00 PM Kindergarten Playdate Medina Beach
8/31/2017 Thursday 8:05 AM FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL 1st-5th GRADE Medina Elementary
9/4/2017 Monday   NO SCHOOL  
9/5/2017 Tuesday 8:05 AM FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL FOR KINDERGARTEN Medina Elementary
9/5/2017 Tuesday 8:15 AM PTA General Assembly Meeting Multi-Purpose Room
9/6/2017 Wednesday   Chess Registration Opens  
9/7/2017 Thursday 6:30 PM Ice Cream Social  
9/13/2017 Wednesday 5:30 PM Curriculum Night Medina Elementary
9/15/2017 Friday TBD Picture Day  
9/20/2017 Wednesday   First Day of Chess  
9/29/2017 Friday   Dad’s Night Out  
10/4/2017 Wednesday   4th Grade Staff Appreciation Lunch  
10/6/2017 Friday 6:00PM Mom's Night Out Newport Yacht Club
10/13/2017     NO SCHOOL  
10/16-10/20/2017     DANCE-A-THON  
10/20/2017 Friday TBD DANCE-A-THON FAMILY DANCE Multi-Purpose Room
10/27/2017 Friday TBD Movie Night Multi-Purpose Room
11/1/2017 Wednesday 8:15 AM PTA General Assembly Meeting Multi-Purpose Room
11/1/2017 Wednesday   5th Grade Staff Appreciation Lunch  
11/6-11/9/2017     Book Fair  
11/9/2017     NO SCHOOL  
11/10/2017     NO SCHOOL  
11/13-11/17/2017     Missoula Children’s Theater  
11/23/2017      NO SCHOOL (Thanksgiving)  
11/24/2017     NO SCHOOL  
12/6/2017 Wednesday   3rd Grade Staff Appreciation Lunch  
12/8/2017 Friday TBD Movie Night Multi-Purpose Room
12/18/2017-1/1/2018       NO SCHOOL WINTER BREAK  
1/2/2018 Tuesday 8:10 AM Back to School Medina Elementary
Last day to register to vote in levy election 
1/15/2018     NO SCHOOL       MLK DAY  
1/20/2018 Saturday   Medina All-City Chess Tournament  
1/29/2018     NO SCHOOL  
2/7/2018 Wednesday   Kindergarten Staff Appreciation Lunch  
2/13/2018     Levy Election  
2/16/2018 Friday   Math Adventures  
2/19-2/23/2018     NO SCHOOL   MID-WINTER BREAK  
3/7/2018 Wednesday   2nd Grade Staff Appreciation Lunch  
3/10/2018 Saturday TBD AUCTION for Medina Elementary TBD
3/16/2018 Friday   NO SCHOOL  
3/19/2018 Monday   NO SCHOOL  
3/24 Saturday   Queen’s Quest Chess Tournament Medina Elementary
3/30/2018 Friday 6:30 pm PTA General Assembly Meeting/Movie Night Multi-Purpose Room
4/4/2018     1st Grade Staff Appreciation Lunch  
4/9-4/13/2018     NO SCHOOL   SPRING BREAK  
4/16-4/20/2018     World Culture Week  
4/23-4/27/2018     STEM Week  
4/25/2018 Wednesday   Last Day of Chess  
5/2/2018 Wednesday   Chess Ice Cream Party  
5/4/2018   7:10pm Mariners Star Wars Bobblehead Night   
5/23/2018   After School Mother/Son Star Wars Theme Sports Day  
5/7-5/11/2018     Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week  
5/18/2018 Friday TBD Talent Show Multi-Purpose Room
5/28/2018 Monday   NO SCHOOL  Memorial Day  
6/2/2018 Saturday TBD Father/Daughter Dance Multi-Purpose Room
6/6/2018 Wednesday 8:15 AM PTA General Assembly Meeting Multi-Purpose Room
6/13/2018 Wednesday   FIELD DAY  
6/15/2018 Friday   5th Grade Graduation  
6/20/2018 Wednesday   5th Grade Party  
6/22/2018 Friday   LAST DAY OF SCHOOL  

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