Frequently Asked Questions about the Capital Campaign

Q: What if I never received or can’t find the brightly colored envelope or donation form? 
A: A donation form is available on the PTA website.   We accept envelopes of any color – just make sure to clearly label your envelope with child’s name, grade and teacher and return to the main office between October 14 – October 25. You can also donate online.

Q: Where do I turn in our envelope and donation form?
A: Please return your envelopes between October 14 – October 25 to your child’s classroom or to the main office.

Q: I have two children at Medina but only want to write one check, what do I do?
A: Include the donation in one check, and put in one envelope.  But PLEASE turn in both envelopes. There is a box on the Envelope’s label to indicate that your donation is being sent in with a different child. (You can donate online too! Just remember to return your envelopes!)

Q: Why are we adding the Capital Campaign as a major fundraiser this year? 
A: The Board of Directors determined that it was fiscally responsible to have a Fall Fundraiser to ensure that the services we want for our children continue. The Capital Campaign is extremely cost-friendly and is an easy fundraising model with high returns.  It is also a chance for the entire Medina Elementary Community to be involved. We are still holding our Auction on 3/7/20. The leap year theme is "Believe. Leap. Achieve" and we look forward to seeing you at this fun event!

Q: Why only two weeks? (Oct 14 – October 25)
A: The two week focus is to keep everyone engaged and GET IT DONE!  You are, of course, welcome to contribute money to the Capital Campaign at other times of the year, but it works best for educational planning if you can make your contribution now.

Monthly payment installments are an option as well. Just check the appropriate box on the donation form. You will need to provide your credit card information to take advantage of this option.  *And please check if your company has a matching program!

Q: What is the overall goal? 
A: Our goal is 100% participation – we want to hear from everyone in the Medina Elementary community, even if your returned envelope does not include a contribution.

From a monetary perspective, the goal is to raise enough money to cover about half of the current PTA expenses: $200,000.  This comes to approximately $500 per student (not per family).  We realize that some families are in a position to donate less and some more. Please donate what you can.

Q: How do matching gifts work?

A:  If your employer matches donations made to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, your donation could be doubled!  Please submit your matching gift request online through your company’s process. (As of Oct 2017 for Microsoft:, Donate now, search for Medina, select MEDINA ELEMENTARY PTA, enter amount, select options as needed, fill in the note field containing the child info and be sure to Request a Match).   Questions? Contact

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