Medina PTA’s “Capital Campaign” begins October 29th!

The PTA needs to raise $337,000 and the Capital Campaign is one of our two major fundraisers of the year! 

Capital Campaign GOAL: To raise the majority of the $337,000 PTA budget during the Capital Campaign! This direct donation campaign relieves pressure on Auction fundraising and will hopefully eliminate the need for additional fundraising. We would like to raise over half of our budget with all of our families.

Most importantly, the Capital Campaign gets more money to the classrooms!

Our PTA is 100% funded by YOU!  To raise $337,000 through this effort alone, we would need donations of $675 per student (not per family) for the 2018-19 school year. Since we are still holding our auction on 2/9/2019 and hope to raise at least half from that fun event, we are asking for donations of $400 per student (not per family) for the 2018 Capital Campaign.

It is up to each family to decide when and how much to donate, but we highly encourage you to donate all or the majority of your donation during the Capital Campaign so that the PTA can budget proactively. If our total budget of $337,000 is not met, tough cuts will have to be made for the end of the year and next year.

Your child will be sent home with a brightly colored envelope and donation form on Thursday, October 25th.  We hope to see a big return of envelopes starting on Monday, October 29th. Our goal is a 100% response – meaning every student at Medina returns an envelope by November 8th, whether they contain a donation or not! Donation forms will have a box to mark if an online donation was made.

Each student who returns an envelope and form will win a prize! If you are donating online, please return the envelope and form with that box checked.

*If you did not receive an envelope and donation form, that’s okay!  Please click here for a donation form (2nd image) and send it to school in an envelope (of any color). Please make sure to label with your child’s full name, teacher and grade.  You can also donate online.


We are making an effort to minimize our paper communications. If you donate online, you will receive an automatic receipt via email. If you give by check, please include your email address on the donation form you return with your check and an electronic receipt will be sent to that address. The Medina Elementary PTA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our Federal Tax ID number is: 91-1328998. Questions? Contact

Please return your envelope and donation form to your child’s classroom or to the main office.

Questions about the Medina PTA website? send email to webmaster at