Last Call for Procurement for Auction Items!
Please consider making a donation to the auction this year.  A detailed wish list will be sent to you by your room parents!  We have a drop box located in the office for your convenience to drop off your items and procurement forms!  (procurement form attached)

Last Call for Sponsors for the Auction!
Please consider joining our generous group of Sponsors by signing up to be an Auction Sponsor today!  Sponsorships can be emailed or dropped in the office as well.  (sponsorship form attached)

Wine Donations for the Auction!
Please consider making a wine donation for the auction.  These bottles will be sold the night of the auction to raise money for the school!  Wine donations can be dropped conveniently at The Ritchie Residence located just a few doors away from Medina Elementary.  There is a drop box on their front door step.  820 80th Avenue NE.  Thank you Ritchie Family for accepting the donations!

Tickets are now on sale for the auction- please buy your tickets today!  Using the link, just sign in, RSVP, check out and you are done!  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!! 
link for tickets:

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