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We support Medina Elementary School in the Bellevue School District

Together we build a feeling of community and provide programs, and activities that help enhance our children's education!

Award Winning PTA


We are an award winning PTA! Thank you to all our volunteers who work so hard to make us the award winning PTA that we are. This year at the WA State PTA Convention, we were awarded the Bronze level Standards of Excellence. This award honors the programs and events, communication and advocacy that we work towards for our families and community.

We also received the 100% staff membership award. Thank you to our generous parents who donate these to allow our staff to be fully involved voting members!

Additionally, we received the 100% PTA membership award. This means that we had at least one adult membership for each student that attends Medina Elementary. Only 5 schools in the state including Elementary, Middle and High schools achieved this goal. And again, we couldn't have done it without you. This says that you support our mission to enrich the lives of our children and that you take it seriously.

We were also awarded the Silver level Outstanding Website award. We appreciate the hard work of Lucille Tam and Shamima Paurobally for keeping us informed throughout the year via this central location.

ABC's to the End of School!!!

Sun Mon Tuesday Wed Thurs Fri Sat
June 17 18 19 20 21 22 23


Try a new healthy food on VEGGIE Day!



Take a WALK around the field.



eXchange autographs.



Grab a pen and sign YEARBOOKS.


5th Grade Graduation

 Last Day of School



ZIP up and ZOOM out!


24 25 26
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Last Day of School

Last Day of School on Friday, 6/22 - Shortened Day!  

The last day of school will be on Friday, 6/22, from 8:05 to 10:05 am. Buses will be leaving at 10:10 am. 

Jun 17
5th Grade Graduation
5th Grade Graduation

Friday, June 22

Friday, June 22
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Yearbooks will be handed out in class on Tuesday, June 19, to all students who ordered. If you missed ordering, a limited number will be available to purchase in front of school on Wednesday, June 20, at Noon. First come, first served! Price is $20 per yearbook and we will only accept exact cash amount or check (made out to Medina PTA). If you have any questions, please contact  Linda Corets at


Welcome to Medina Elementary! Our primary ways of communicating school news and community related information to our families is through this website and our weekly e-newsletter called, “The Byte”. Please click here  to register on our site and sign up and you’ll be added to the Medina Elementary newsletter for the 2018-19 school year. We’re excited to have you as part of our community!

Thank you to this year's Board of Directors and Chairs!!
As you can see below, we are an award winning PTA. We have sponsored over 30 events and over 8 ongoing clubs/programs. This could not have been done without the hard work and dedication of all our volunteers, especially those on our Board of Directors and Chairs. We want to take this opportunity to publicly thank these wonderful parents in our community and hope that they know how much we appreciate all they did this year.
Board of Directors
VP Programs: Dongqin Feng & Julia Zhu
VP Finance: Cindy Roberts
VP Fundraising: Jessica Rossman
Treasurer: Michael Zhang
Self-Funding Treasurer: Evonne Lai
Secretary: Andrea Perry
Immediate Past Presidents: Eileen Foley & Priscilla McAughan
President-Elects: Andrew Klein & joining us Jessica Shao
Members at Large: Yi Jin, Rebecca Johnston & Denise Stolte-Reinisch
Auction: Britta Bacon & Jaclyn Schwartz
Bellevue Schools Foundation Ambassador: Jessica Rossman
Byte Editor: Li Ge
Chess Club: Gulin Goktepe & Yu Liu
Class Pictures: Cindy Gayte, Chasma Gerron & Karyn O'Hara
Dance-a-thon: Ian Olsen
Destination Imagination: Emily Ching
Directory: Lauren Ridgeway
Faebook: Julia Zhu
Family & Community Engagement: Ying Li
Field Day: Anita Bagga
Ice Cream Social: Renee Hawkes
I-Connect: Alicia Alibhai, Eileen Foley, Denise Stolte-Reinisch, Lyn Jenkins & Evonne Lai
Legislative Rep: Andrea Turner
Library Chairs: Carrie Browne & Rebecca Johnston
Math Club: Jianbo Peng
Newcomers Coordinators: Rachel Hildahl & Michelle Hua
Playground/Lunch Coordinator: Elena Smirnova
PTA Membership: Ye Chen
Reflections: Denise Stolte-Reinisch & Angel Leon
Room Parent Coordinator: Debbie Kalpakidis
Runners Club: Carrie Montague
Medina Snowsports (Ski Bus): Manda Ederer & Mette Naness
STEM Week: Su Su & Sara Ye
Staff Appreciation: Cindy Gayte & Karyn O'Hara
Talent Show: Eileen Foley & Alicia Alibhai
Virtues/Social & Emotional Learning: Manda Ederer
Volunteer Coordinator: Ian Olsen
Webmasters: Lucille Tam & Shamima Paurobally
World Cultures Week: Eileen Foley, Susan Muller & Ying Ning
Yearbook: Linda Corets

Corporate Matching of Donations
Corporate Matching of Donations or Volunteer Hours Can Double Your impact
Did you know that donations made to Medina Elementary PTA are tax deductible and eligible for corporate matching programs? If you work for a company that provides matching funds, please use this benefit to reinforce your financial gift.
You can still request matching for contributions made earlier in the year, like the auction!
Some companies even match volunteer hours! Four hours of volunteering could
earn Medina Elementary PTA up $100!Corporate matching is a large part of the PTA budget. Please help us reach our targets and maintain high levels of service for our children's education.

2018 Summer Kids Fun Run

  2018 Summer Kids Fun Run

Sunday, August 26th @ Seward Park, Seattle

Kids will run in a fun dash following our 5k and 10k races that morning. Kids will receive a t-shirt, goody bag and finisher souvenir. This is great opportunity for kids to get excited about the Kids Marathon in the fall, a great incentive to stay active in the summer and a fun dog-friendly, family event.

$25 entry fee.

Complete details here:

Bellevue School District News
Summer Gifted Testing
If you moved to the Bellevue School District service area after October 31, 2017, your child may test for gifted services in July 2018. Students in grade 1 will test on both days in the mornings (approx. 8:00 – 11:30 am) and students in grades 2 – 11 will test all day (approx. 8:00 am – 2:00pm). Identified students will start the program in fall 2018. This testing session is for students that will have just completed grades 1 – 11. The deadline to apply is Friday, July 13, 2018 at 4:30 pm. For testing dates and application information, click
Summer Programs Offered by Bellevue School District
Summer programs are an opportunity for students to continue learning and working towards academic success and college readiness. The Bellevue School District offers a variety of programs for grades K – 12, both for Bellevue students and those from neighboring districts.
For details and registration information, click

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Important! BSD: Rollout on Aug. 6: online student data verification

Dear Bellevue School District Families,

Last month we sent all staff members and families communication about a new process set to rollout on Aug. 6: online student data verification.  This is a natural extension of what families have already become accustomed to doing this year - such as accessing grades, attendance, teacher's messages and other school-related information to support students' academic success. 

Features of this online process include:

  • Parent(s)/guardian(s) will be able to access Online Student Data Verification from their existing ParentVUE accounts anytime throughout the year, on any device.
  • Address, phone numbers and other information that is common for all students in one household will only need to be entered one time.
  • Families can upload address verification or legal documents directly to their student's account.
  • There is an autosave feature, which allows users to resume where they left off in the event they exit the program without completing the process.
  • Parent(s)/guardian(s) have the option to review and print their updates before final submission.
  • There will be multi-language support: the online student data verification screens can be translated into multiple languages by clicking the corresponding language at the bottom of the screen.
  • The verification process can be completed on any web enabled device, at any time via the district website.

To support the launch of this process moving online, there will be computer kiosks stationed at each BSD school and at our BSD Student Placement office in order to provide access to all families. 

If you have any questions about the online student data verification process, please contact us at  You can also visit ourdistrict website to learn more about this process.

We appreciate your support and enthusiasm as we continue to expand our use of Synergy. 

Thank you again!

Jesse Brown

Registration Specialist – ext. 4239

Synergy SIS Support: Click here to the Synergy SIS ‘How Tos’ for BSD support and documentation. For example: User Guides, Quick Tips, FAQ’s, and Yammer group links. If you need more assistance, visit the Support Center. If this is an urgent issue, contact the Help Desk at (425) 456-4321.

Leaving Legacy from 5th Graders

Our 5th graders have voted on what they would like to leave behind as part of their "legacy" to Medina Elementary. PTA funds were set aside at the beginning of the year and four choices were given to the students from which to choose. They voted to give the school a printer/tech package of 6 color printers (one for each grade) with ink, an updated dvd player and lighting board for the stage area. We know that future students will appreciate these tools to use in their education!

Chinook Newsletter Signup

 Stay Updated and Get Involved at Chinook! Newsletter Signup

Are you a parent or guardian of an incoming 6th grader at Chinook? Do you want to know what to expect when school starts? Would you like to be up-to-date with the latest news and events at the school? If so, you can sign up HERE for Chinook PTSA's newsletter, the Kodiak Korner. Just check the box at the bottom that says: “I have a student in the 5th Grade/incoming 6th Grader (Class of 2025).” You can also visit us at the Chinook PTSA website or join our Facebook page for more information. The Chinook PTSA looks forward to seeing you in the Fall! 


Congratulations to all Medina students for raising $294.20 during our last Box Top collection drive in May! That means we collected over 2940 Box Tops!
The following classrooms collected the most Box Tops in each grade and have won an extra recess! 
Kindergarten: Mrs. Wright
First Grade: Ms. Ptak
Second Grade: Ms. Tenace
Third Grade: Ms. Seery
Fourth Grade: Ms. Lee
Fifth Grade: Ms. Kaminoff
Thank you so much for your participation! Save Box Tops throughout the summer so we can be ready for the next collection week, coming up in September or October. You can turn in box tops throughout the year in the office. Just put them in a baggie and write your teacher's name on it. For more information or questions please contact Tracy Mayclin.

5th Grade Moving-Up Ceremony

5th Grade Moving-Up Ceremony @ 8:30 am June 22nd

Seattle Kids Marathon
2018 Summer Kids Fun Run Sunday, August 26th  @  Seward Park, Seattle Kids will run in a fun dash following our 5k and 10k races that morning. Kids will receive a t-shirt, goody bag and finisher souvenir. This is great opportunity for kids to get excited about the Kids Marathon in the fall, a great incentive to stay active in the summer and a fun dog-friendly, family event. $25 entry fee. Complete details here:  http://www.   2018 Seattle Kids Marathon Saturday, November 24th  @  Memorial Stadium, Seattle In the weeks prior to the Kids Marathon, students will independently log ... read full article

Chinook Incoming 6th Graders

Hello 5th Grade Families! We at Chinook PTSA want to welcome all of you who will have a 6th grader at Chinook Middle School in 2018-2019.  We want you to feel connected in as soon as possible as Chinook begins orientations in mid-August.  To help better connect with us, you can go on our website at:    We have a weekly (during the school year) email newsletter which we will also send out in July to help you get prepared for the school year.  To subscribe to that newsletter (you can always unsubscribe at any time), go to our website above and look for the blue bar in the upper right section of the webpage which says, “Sign up for Kodiak Korner Newsletter”. (click on that to sign up)

We, your PTSA, look forward to connecting with and supporting you through your transition to Chinook!

Nancy Huenefeld Gese   Chinook PTSA President

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