The Medina All City chess tournament on Saturday, January 12 was a huge success! Close to 300 young chess players from over 30 schools competed in three sections during this all day event: kindergarten, 1st to 3rd grade, and 4th to 6th grade. Medina students competed very well.
Team trophy:
- won the first-place trophy for 4th to 6th grade section
- won the third-place trophy for 1st to 3rd grade section.
Medina 4th grader Derin G and kindergartener Michael Z each archived perfect score (5 pts) and won first-place for the 4th to 6th grade and kindergarten sections, respectively.
Below is a list of the top four Medina players in each sections:
1st to 3rd Grade Section:
Haosen T (4 pts)
Kiran S (4 pts)
Michelle Z (4 pts)
Jinue K (3.5 pts)
4th to 6th Grade Section:
Derin G (5 pts)
Ryan M (4 pts)
Matthew H (4 pts)
Skylor C (4 pts)
Kindergarten Section:
Michael Z (5 pts)
Alexander S (3.5 pts)
Natalie W (3 pts)
Ryan R (2.5 pts)
All Medina chess players not only competed well but also showed excellent sportsmanship. We are very proud of each of them! Finally, a big thank-you to all the volunteers for making the All City tournament a big success.

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