BOX TOP COLLECTION WEEK IS  October 15th – October 19th         

-This is a great competition to raise funds for our school just by looking at products you already purchase! Bring in the box tops of those participating products you already use (e.g. Ziploc Bags, Progressive Soup, Motts Apple Juice, Kleenex tissues, several cereal brands, etc)

-Bags will be distributed to the teachers (mailboxes). 

-Each child should bring their Boxtops to their classroom.  Or they can drop them off in the Boxtops collection box in the office.

-Please trim the Boxtops and place them in a baggie, noting the teachers name.

-The class collecting the most Boxtops in each grade level will win an extra recess!

For more information or questions please contact Tracy Mayclin at or click on the Box Top for Education link


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